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Project Overview

Harvesting solar energy with multifunctional glass-polymer windows

Windows have multiple functions: enable day light se inside buildings, inform the inhabitants about exterior conditions, keep noise out of the buildings and heat or cold inside or outside, depending upon climate conditions. Last but not least, they are important for the buildings construction and aesthetics.

In HarWin new materials will be developed with the aim of constructing next generation windows. These windows will improve significantly energy efficiency of windows and the buildings. They will enable extension of window functionality beyond the current European State of Art. The improvements are based on reduced weight, reduced thermal conductivity and energy consumption, reduced material usage and life cycle environmental performances control of the windows. New additional functionality, like e.g., window integrated functional coatings will be combined with intelligent phase changing materials and novel glass-polymer composites with wavelength management capability.

The new materials will combine heat and moisture control by means of new laminate and fiber reinforced structures for glasing and integrated light weight framing of windows. On long term, the windows developed within HarWin will enable creation of a new type of buildings, where merging of functionalities currently assigned separately to windows and architectural glass will result in a new definition of multifunctional façade, adjustable according to geographic and cultural needs.