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Eckart Pigments Ky, Finland

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Profile: Eckart Finland Ky is a manufacturer of pearlescent pigments for the coatings, graphic arts, plastic and cosmetic industry as well as for leight-weight concrete applications. The general partner of Eckart Pigments Ky is Eckart Finland Oy and silent partner is Eckart GmbH. Eckart Finland Ky operates production site in Pori, Finland. The production of pearlescent pigments as well as R&D is located in Finland. Eckart Pigments Ky has long experience of producing pigments, since year 1986.

Eckart Pigments Ky ends production of pearlescent pigments based on Natural Mica during year 2012 and concentrates only on new production of pearlescent pigments from Artificial Mica raw material. New products will be launched. Customers use Eckart Pigments Ky's products mainly to achieve visual effects. A smaller part of the products are used in functional applications. The main pillars of Eckart Pigments Ky's growth strategy are research and development activities, new business development and a regional expansion in fast growing countries.

Expertise: Eckart Pigments Ky's broad knowledge is crucial for the project success. Especially the knowledge in producing of pearlescent pigments milling, classifying and coating are unique. Furthermore processing and producing Mica composites is a core expertise of Eckart Pigments Ky.

Key project tasks: Eckart Pigments Ky is mainly incorporated in WP 1. This means in detail functionalizing and/or coating glassflakes to ensure a perfect interaction within the composite material. The same expertise is provided in WP 4 with glassfibres and a possible combination of glasfibres and flakes.

Key Personnel:

Marita Lindholm: (Managing Director of Eckart Pigments, Finland). She is graduated from University of Uppsala, Sweden, in Business Administration. She has wide experience of Business Administration, Financing and leading projects, and she has been working in packaking, logistics and sugar industry during her earlier carreer. Since 2010 she has been working at Eckart Pigments Ky, first as Head of Finance and Administration, nowadays as Managing Director.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Head of QC and R&D, Eckart Finland) He graduated in Turku Finland and is master of science in physical chemistry. He started his career in company Kemira as Chief of Laboratory in the area of titanium dioxide pigments and pearlescent pigments. Since 1999 he is working for Eckart Pigments KY in the areas of production for pearlescent pigments, management and finally in his current position.