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EP - Eckart GmbH, Germany

Eckart GmbH, Germany

Profile: Eckart is a world-leading manufacturer of metallic and pearlescent pigments for the coatings, graphic arts, plastic and cosmetic industry as well as for light-weight concrete applications.
Eckart is part of the Altana AG and is like its mother organized in a holding structure. Eckart operates production sites in Hartenstein and Wackersdorf (both in Germany) the U.S., China, in Switzerland and in Finland. The main research and development resources are located in Hartenstein with the competence of functional surfaces and surface treatment. The production of pearlescent pigments as well as R&D is located in Finland.

Important raw materials used to produce effect pigments are metals (aluminum, copper, and zinc), glass and natural and synthetic non-metal substrates. The materials are processed via different value steps to produce flake-shaped pigments with manifold colours in the μm range (2-50 μm).
Customers use Eckart's products mainly to achieve optical effects. But a growing part of the product portfolio is used in functional applications. The main pillars of Eckart's growth strategy are research and development activities, new business development and a regional expansion in fast growing countries.

Expertise: Eckart's broad knowledge is crucial for the project success. Especially the knowledge in producing of glassflakes, milling, classifying and coating are unique. Furthermore processing and producing glassflake polymer composites is a core expertise of Eckart.

Key project tasks: Eckart GmbH is mainly incorporated in WP 1 as well as Eckart Pigments Ky. Eckart GmbH will support Eckart Pigments Ky by functionalizing and/or coating glassflakes especially with processes known from other substrates .
Furthermore, Eckart can use the whole portfolio of characterisation methods belonging to Altana.

Key Personnel:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ( Project Manager, Guentersthal) has a background in industrial coatings: 15 Years of R&D, Technical Service and Sales. He joined Eckart GmbH in 2007 as Product Group Manager Pearlescent Pigments / Technical Service Manager Coatings with close contact to Eckart Pigments Ky. Since April 2012 he is Project Manager in New Business Development. In addition to other projects for functional applications he is responsible for the Harwin-Project at Eckart.

Dr. Guenter Kaupp (Global Head of R&D Pearlescent Pigments, Guentersthal) studied Metal Organic Chemistry at Julius-Maximilians-University Wuerzburg. He joined Eckart in 1993 as R&D Manager. As Global Head of R&D Pearlescent Pigments he is an expert for substrates as Glass and Mica , surface treatment and stabilisation.