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GX - GLASSX AG, Switzerland

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Profile: GLASSX AG is a SME located in Zurich, Switzerland, that develops and markets energy efficient high-end glass and façade products. Core product is the GLASSX crystal series of translucent window elements that contain phase-change-material (PCM) and therewith act as a day- periodic heat storage device. With this smart but passive window concept that makes energy- consuming mechanical cooling unnecessary, GLASSX contributes significantly to energy efficiency in homes and office houses.

GLASSX AG is lead by Prof. Dietrich Schwarz (Chairman of the board) and Simon Felsenstein (CEO). Strong links exist to the architecture firm Schwarz Architekten, which brings in the system view and to several renowned research institutions.

More than 10 years of research on thermo-active PCM-containing façade systems have been conducted by GLASSX AG that also resulted in an international patent describing the composition and functionality.

Expertise: GLASSX has developed through more than 10 years of research on thermo-active PCM-containing façade systems strong expertise in the characterisation, handling and optimization of PCM-containing façade elements.

Having commercialised this knowledge through several patented products, GLASSX also brings substantial knowledge in glass engineering and production as well as established relations to leading glass manufacturers and vendors.

Through distribution partnerships and realized projects GLASSX has accumulated market insights in several countries in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. This expertise will be put to use in planning and executing exploitation efforts for HarWin’s products on a global scale.

Key project tasks: GLASSX is leader of work package 3 and a specialist in PCM applications for translucent facade elements. Starting from its existing product portfolio GLASSX will work to integrate phase change materials into micro-structures within the multi-purpose windows developed in project HarWin. Next to these endeavours, GLASSX will also support the overall system optimization. Furthermore, due to its experience in commercialising PCM solutions GLASSX will lead the dissemination and exploitation efforts necessary to publicise and bring to market the solutions developed in project HarWin.

Key Personnel:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. coordinates GLASSX’s involvement in the project, takes care of the economic feasibility and the link to the operative business. He graduated with an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zurich with research focus on system dynamics and control and has worked several years in the cleantech industry.

Martin Schröcker (MSc) will lead GLASSX’s scientific work within the research project, focussing on the development and characterization of novel applications for phase change materials. In this role he will form the link between basic research and building simulations performed in the project.

He holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zurich and an MSc in Sustainable Energy from Imperial College London. Before joining GLASSX he worked in research with a Spin-off from ETH Zurich and in management consulting.