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InG - INGLAS Produktions GmbH, Germany

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Profile: INGLAS Produktions GmbH is a SME located in Friedrichshafen, Germany, that is specializing in developing and selling laminated glass with decorative and/or functional inlays. As an independent company it was founded in 2009 by INGLAS Innovative Glassysteme GmbH & Co. KG, Friedrichshafen, and BGT Bischoff Glastechnik AG, Bretten with the intention to concentrate long-term experience on lamination processes, high developing capacity, specialized production know-how, and positive market access in a common company.

Basic technology are vacuum assisted autoclave processes to produce perfect co-laminates of glass and other materials. Beside a wide range of glass laminates with decorative inlays mainly for interior applications functional laminates for facade applications are produced. Here the main focus are glasses with a mesh inside for sun protection. Also transparent conductive layers can be inserted to heat the glass electrically. Additionally, the facade display MEDIAGLASS was developed, a laminated glass with inserted channels assembled with flexible LED-stripes. So the work of INGLAS Produktions GmbH is focussed typically on applications in which customer specific design has to be combined with perfect technical solutions.

Expertise: INGLAS has 15 years of experience in laminated glass and is familiar in the use of different interlayers, like PVB, PU, Sentryglass, and EVA. Since the focus of lamination expertise is on glass with additional inlay material, there is also a broad knowledge in material dependent process optimization, chemical compatibility, and testing the long time stability of the laminate.

Key project tasks: INGLAS Produktions GmbH is the specialist for glass lamination. InG is mainly involved inWP 1, material development for light weight glazing, in WP 2 to develop added functionality for energy harvesting and in WP 3 to integrate such added functionality into laminated glass. These main tasks are dealing with integration of polymer-glassflake composites into the laminate to achieve the required weight reduction and introduce new functionality into laminate glazing. In addition, in WP 4 InG will support development of a light weight, thermally insulating frame concept for the new glazing.

Key Personnel:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.(CEO of INGLAS Produktions GmbH) studied physics at the University of Heidelberg. After 5 years of experience in developing vacuum deposition processes for large production systems at Leybold, Hanau, he changed to Daimler Research Center, Friedrichshafen, where he was responsible for the development of lightweight glasses for automotive applications. In 1995 he founded together with partners INGLAS Innovative Glassysteme GmbH & Co. KG. Here he concentrated on the field of glass lamination and turned INGLAS in the last ten years into an internationally well-known company for special glass laminates with decorative and functional inlays resulting in the foundation of INGLAS Produktions GmbH, whose main focuss of activities is in this field.

Additionally, up to two experienced co-workers will work on the production of demonstrator sheets in WP 3.