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Profile: ISOMATEX S.A. is a private company founded in 2005 located at the heart of Europe in Belgium next to Namur 40 km away from Brussels. ISOMATEX has developed a unique production process for the manufacturing of reinforcement fibers from volcanic rocks and is the global leading producer of high performance volcanic rock filaments usually known as “basalt fibers”. ISOMATEX’s fibers are used for the reinforcement of high performance composite materials or for the production of technical textiles. ISOMATEX volcanic rocks fiber offers also high insulating properties against infra-red and UV radiations and is resistant to flame. ISOMATEX is a green company, which is using every possible technology to minimize the impact of its production on the environment: first of all, FILAVATM is stable mineral product, completely neutral for the environment and totally recyclable; secondly, all exhausts are filtered, all leftover are recycled, All process water is used in a closed circle, treated and recycled to be re-used in the production process; finally electricity is the energy used during the whole production process. Altogether this makes ISOMATEX a company without toxic gas and with almost no impact on the environment. ISOMATEX complies with all IPPC rules (Integrated Pollution Prevention & Control) and with the European rules on the environment. Thanks to its innovative approach, its leading edge technological process and its tight quality control, the company ISOMATEX is already renowned in the exclusive segment of high thermo-mechanical performance fibres.

Expertise: ISOMATEX has already developed a specific sizing formulation and application process for the production of basalt fibers aimed for impregnation in high mechanical performances thermoset composites in use in aeronautics.

Key project tasks: ISOMATEX (IMTX) will come with its background and knowledge in the production of basalt fiber from volcanic rocks. Its role in the project is to propose new development of its basalt fibers in combination with thermoplastic matrixes The objective of ISOMATEX is to provide yarns suited for the production of woven and/or knitted fabrics with high bounding functionalities with the thermoplastic matrix. The core of the research will focus on the development of appropriate sizing formulations and application processes. The fibnal aim is to enable the production of high mechanical performances and easy to shape composite material that combines also the properties of easily recyclable, high insulating and light- weight. Therefore ISOMATEX main research contribution will focus in WP4 on the development of supporting structures of the window. In WP1, WP2, WP3 ISOMATEX will contribute by delivering monofilaments of Basalt (diameter 9 µm) which can be included in the laminated glass in order to increase heat insulation, UV control as well as electric conductivity.

Key Personnel:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Master in Civil en General Electromechanical Engineering, is the founder of ISOMATEX. Along a 20 years business career in service, manufacturing and engineering companies across Europe , He has built up a unique and extended expertise in the area of basalt melting. By combining advanced European technologies with specific processes adapted to the drawing of mineral fibers, he has designed new induction furnaces demonstrating outstanding capabilities for the homogenization of dark and highly viscous mineral melts.

Renaud Montulet has a 25 years business career in Product development, Business development and Marketing in IT and Telecommunications at both local and European level. R. Montulet joined ISOMATEX in 2009 and accompanies the founder in the set-up of the starting-up organization. In 2009 & 2010 he led the program for the development of a sizing formulation targeting the high mechanical performance thermo-set composites applications.